Have you ever played a game -
an awesome game that made you happy?
And if you were a millionaire,
you'd give everyone a copy?

Why are games so gosh darn pricey?
You want it all - it's just not fair!
So you wave the pirate flag around
since it's the only way to share.

And that's the way it has always been,
since the beginning of the internet.
Where all the things you love and want
are free, free, free & easy to get!

Except, you see, it's not all good,
if those were things that you have built.
And build, you did, for years and years.
Yet here are pirates that take without guilt!

Well, here's my proposal - a plan, if you will.
To keep both sides happy, if that is ideal.

Dimeload's plan is quite simple - every download's a dime.
A dollar is 10 downloads, one dime at a time.

You can give it to friends, your professor, your vet
or even that stranger with their spiffy hat.

Now here comes the best bit - cause friends like to share,
They might sponsor more dollars to show that they care!

- shi, age 33 3/4.
  • Kriss is a games industry veteran who has been employed both as a programmer and as an artist.
  • shi comes from the more traditional print & publishing industry but has had a love of technology after an unexpected exposure to DOS at the age of 8.
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